Getting Into the Loop – Know the TikTok How To’s

One of the most trending and most downloaded apps on Play Store is the TikTok. With its great collaboration with, the apps garnered millions of TikTok likes. This app generally works by allowing the users to upload their video with a combination of some dubbing. TikTok , through this setup, captivates millions of users comprising the teens up to young adults. So, for those who are not yet in the loop and want to join the bandwagon, here are ways to navigate this fantastic app and try to undergo on studies education.

Simple Ways to Operate the TikTok App

If you have just downloaded the app and don’t know where to begin, check on the following steps to help you enjoy this micro-vlogging app.

How to Get Started

After downloading TikTok, you need to setup your account. When you’ve done all these, you will see the countless video stream area which indicates the “For You” tab. There is a “Following” button at the top of the screen. You just have to tap on it and it will navigate you to feed section comprised of videos from the people you follow.

Since you are just starting the app and you do not have anyone to follow yet, just click the icon of the magnifying glass located at the bottom left of the screen. From here, you will search popular posts, most viewed songs, most followed hashtags, and well-known users.

In this menu, you’ll have the chance to look for every content that you could ever imagine.

How to Post Videos

Excited to share to the world your own video? Just click on the plus sign button located at the right side of the magnifying glass icon. This action will allow you to access your camera via the TikTok app. If you are already familiar using Snapchat or Instagram, this would be very easy for you.

Since TikTok become popular because of its lip-syncing setup, clicking the “Add a Sound” button at the top corner of the camera would let you experience this function. Look for the song that you like to video yourself singing with. After that, TikTok will show you the dubbing with your chosen music.

How to Manage Your TikTok Account

By hitting the “Next” button at the lower portion of the screen, you can add captions, extra details, and hashtags to the video that you want to upload. Afterwards, you have to click “Post”. To be able to see and check the reactions to your posted video, simply look for the Notification menu. Going to this menu setup, just go to the comment bubble icon near the plus sign at the bottom portion of the screen.