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With increasingly more people going online for information, this goes to show that search engines are trusted by users and having an online presence that appears in top positions in search engines when users type in specific keywords, users’ trust on a website increases. Better known as SEO, it is particularly crucial for businesses spreading […]

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A Guide on Screaming Frog’s Functions

For people who are new and are still hoping to get the hang of Screaming Frog, here’s a manual on how to use this powerful search engine optimization tool to analyze and decode a site. Check out SEO reseller to learn more about SEO. 1. Assessing Response Codes Close the cover of the display, click […]

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SEO Link Building Tips

Search Engines, Links and Rankings They accumulate all of these pages, sort through them, and attempt to assign a value for them, or”rank” them. They do so with algorithms or formulas. Search engines traditionally given higher rankings to sites with the most links, the theory being that you must be offering something of value if […]

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