Some Of The Issues In Education That Need Attention

We can suggest a long list on how to improve the current education system in the country. However, we tend to forget that the best solution to all these issues in education must come from the highest authority, and that is no other than government itself. Unfortunately, there are moments when the government actually becomes the core of the problem when it comes to our education system. For one, the lack of government funding for education becomes the root of all the issues.

Why Government Funding Is Important

School funding remains to be the topmost priority among all the issues in education, and that is not surprising. The American public education system, for starters, is comprised of primary and secondary schools that are carried by public taxes. The public K-12 schools receive over 90 percent of the funding that comes from state and local governments.

During the Great Recession in the United States, several states made the first move to cut the funding for schools, where it began to spell trouble for all the teachers and students in the country. Although, the decision to cut budget was understandable, since the majority of the state funding was coming from incomes taxes and revenues from sales, which were both severely impacted by the recession.

The bad news is that many states today are still providing less funding to schools, or even much less than what they usually give before the Great Recession. As of the 2017-2018 academic year, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities learned that 29 states spend less budget per K-12 student than they did ten years earlier. With this, debates have arised regarding the formula that the states have been using in providing funds for the schools. It does appear that education has already fallen from the government’s priority, something that we should all be against.

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