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Rising Incidents Of Mass Shootings Threaten Future Of Schools In The United States

Perhaps everyone has already heard of the string of mass shootings in schools in the United States for the past few years. The fact that these incidents happen too often pose serious question to the safety of students inside the schools. With deaths from these shootings continue to rise as one incident happens after another, there are debates as to how we can maintain the safety of students. In Parkland, Florida, where 17 people were killed at the Marjory Stoneman Douglass High Schoolmass shooting, 57 percent of the students are concerned about the gun violence inside their campus. While schools can always implement stricter inspection when it comes to the things that students bring inside their classrooms, many people believe that banning the instruments for violence for good would be the best solution, something that the government can do.

Would Arming Teachers And Staff Increase The Safety In Schools?

As of now, the Trump government appears to be suggesting that there should be specially trained teachers and school staff in every campus to be allowed to carry concealed weapons. In the case that a deranged shooter starts to cause trouble in school grounds, these teachers would be the first on the field to protect the students using their guns. Lawmakers supporting this suggestion argue that this would save more lives since the school would have its own responders even before the police can arrive on the scene. Also, those who might think about going into a mass shooting spree would have second doubts. being aware that there are already school personnels that wields weapons and ultimately stop his plan.

Still, the existence of guns inside schools are believed to be the source of violence. There are others who oppose this solution to make the students feel safe inside their schools.