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Poverty A Hindrance To Student’s Learning In School

While the government tries its best to alleviate the effects of rising inflation rates and lack of job opportunities, poverty continues to grow every year. In every household that experiences poverty, there are students who are heavility affected by this. Based on the figures from the National Center for Education Statistics for 2014-2015, low-income students actually comprised a majority (52 percent) of public school students in the United States of America.

This is a significant increase from the figures in 2000-2001, when only 38 percent of students were considered belonging to the low-income bracket. This category is qualified to get free or discounted school lunches.

We can already expect that these low-income students will not be able to match the performance of other well-off students in school, due to the fact that they still have to worry about their familes’ financial condition instead of just focusing on their studies. There are also studies that show correlation between family income brackets and results of standardized tests. This can be attributed to the more affluent households’ capability to hire tutors for the children, which would result to the students’ better performance in tests compared to those who can’t afford enrichment services.