Is It Reasonable for Parents to Provide Cars for their Kids in High School

As parents, we would like to provide the best life possible for our kids without spoiling them too much. As a mom of two boys who are currently studying, I have been trying to help them balance studies, video games, friends, and others. But of course, I would like them to prioritize their studies before anything else.

When it comes to motivating them to study, I use the positive reinforcement. I never though of using negative reinforcement because I believe that there are plenty of ways to discipline them aside from punishing. But when they do something really bad, I confiscate their gadgets such as mobile phones and playing devices.

I also avoid spoiling them with too much gadgets and giving them freedom. But the past few months I have been very busy to the point when I let my sons take public transportation. It is actually fine so as for them to experience a little struggles. However, I always think of their safety especially they are still not that mature enough. With that being said, I am thinking of buying my son his own car because he already knows how to drive. That way, he can take his younger brother to his school. It will also save me enough time before going to work.

If you were able to reach this part of the article, then you are probably looking for cars to buy for our kid. Hence, I listed down my top choices that provide safety and quality with the affordable price:

1. Volvos Car

Although this car is not that popular. The volvo cars from carcody are actually in good quality. There are also plenty of volvo cars that are fuel efficient.

2. Accord of Honda

This brand of automobile vehicles is probably one of the most popular brands all over the world. Accord is also a great car for you kid because it is reliable, locks, gps system, and fuel efficient as well.

3. Nissan Sentra- durability and reliability are what Nissan is known for. This sedan car of Nissan will fit your son’s needs. Also, their are airbags even in the side of the driver and the passenger seat.