The Real Problem in Our Education System

Despite the fact that there are many more people who are showing interest in becoming an online tutor, this can’t hide the fact that the education system is in crisis. Prior the pandemic, children who must be in school are not and this is experienced in various parts of the world. And for those who were lucky enough to go to school, their schools frequently lack of the essential facilities and resources to deliver adequate education.

At a time when quality and top-notch education is more vital to life than before, these children are indeed missing a lot on their education to become successful individuals someday.

Where our Education is Based on?

Historically speaking, education has been the quickest way of bridging the gap between the have-nots and the haves, bringing prosperity and progress both for its country and citizens. However, current education system is beginning to show its age. Founded and established at a period when industries are in need of workers who have relative fixed knowledge and skillset, it’s starting to lose its relevance in the age of innovation, constant change and disruption, where learning agility and adaptability is the need of the hour.

Education system of today is actually following the model of Industrial Revolution that focuses on IQ, to be more specific, standardization and memorization. These skills can be efficiently and easily supplanted via augmented and artificial intelligence in which IQ alone will not suffice. Striking balance between IQ and EQ along with RQ is vital in unleashing the true potential of a student.

You didn’t not Expect that

Whether you believe it or not, the United States’ $1.5 trillion student debt sits next to home mortgages for bagging the biggest debt of the country. Tuition fees expected to surpass the hundred thousand mark per year, student debt will definitely crush future generations. With average new graduates only making 48,400 dollars a year, many people are paying off their student loans until their retirement. This undoubtedly hampers their ability to save, support for their family, contribute to philanthropic efforts and more.

This is why you’ll be seeing a number of individual and private groups and associations who are fighting to reform the educational system and to give students with the true advantage of learning and future.