Deciphering the Best Education Tools for Learning

Whether you like it or not, you’ve once in your life fallen victim to the “Shiny New Toy Syndrome”. This is when we hear of a cool tech, app or gadget and we want to have it simply because it is the best and latest fad or simply because it looks flashy. As a matter of fact, this seems to be the case with almost anything whether it is new furniture, store or suppliers like wholesale cabinets Texas.

But just after we buy it, we begin to realize that it is not precisely what we expect. This could be attributed to number of reasons like doesn’t work as what is advertised or not that useful after all. Then after a few hours or days, the excitement begins to wear off and we tend to leave it somewhere, untouched.

Finding the Tools for Education

With tons of new applications and products, how it’s possible to find out which tools shall be used?

After performing series of research examining various mobile and digital applications and its efficiency in improving learning, there are now more resources available that describe the essential features of any digital tool. This features can serve as a guide in deciding whether it is the right pick or not.


First and foremost, students need to have the ability to customize the tool in order for it to fit their interests and needs. This could range from enabling students to customize the way they are studying and absorbing information like choosing whether to watch a video or read an article to learn a given topic, have students to create their avatar or personal profile that collects achievements or rewards as they are making progress and so forth.

Simply put, it should give students a unique experience when they are using the digital tool, allowing them to curate the tool and make the experience as effective and enjoyable as possible.


Yet another vital aspect that should be considered is whether the tool provides the opportunity of connecting their learning experience to real-life situations. According to research, it showed that students feel more engaged with the content when they could identify how it is going to help them in the future and therefore, improving their chances to understand the information and value the concepts.