Go to Bed: Your homework can wait

“Go to bed, your homework can be done tomorrow” a favorite phrase to be used when doing homework late at night, is not a statement that should be frowned upon. Here are several reasons why.

Forcing yourself to stay awake may make you feel more stressed than you already are.

It is a well-known fact that sleep deprivation results in increased production of stress hormones. Stress may prove to positively affect some but take note that stress is also a sign for you to go to bed. When having a hard time falling asleep, try doing activities that could relax your mind like reading a book or meditation. Don’t feel bad when doing things that relax you, time for yourself is also important.  Check your mattress maybe it’s time to change your old buddy, find the best beds that suit you.

Can’t fall asleep? Here are tips to help you fall asleep faster:

Apples have left the chat: Sleeping properly a day keeps the doctor away.

While sleeping may not completely keep us away from a doctor, it does help us to at least reduce our visits. Sleeping helps repair our mind and body. Sleep deprivation weakens our immune system, making us more susceptible to illnesses and increases our chances of developing heart diseases, stroke, cancer, and diabetes.

I’m a logical person! just sleep deprived.

Sleep deprivation makes you more irritable and emotional and decreases your ability to make logical decision. When you keep repeating and rewriting the same task over-and-over again, or when you start drawing pigs on your project at 3 am, do go to bed – hallucinations and unproductivity is a sign that your brain isn’t functioning optimally.

My math skills are top notch: just unnoticed because I’m sleep deprived.

When 1+1 requires 5 seconds for you to answer, think of it as a sign to get more sleep the night before. Lack of sleep results to a decreased ability when performing tasks that require concentration and attention, such as memorizing and remembering information or answering math exams. Having enough sleep is vital to your performance in the morning and on your next tests or presentations, so remember to get enough of it. Sleep is your best friend, don’t’ ignore it, but of course, don’t overindulge on it.

Go to Bed: Sleep is your best friend­­­.