Deciding Between Enrolling Your Child to Public or Private School?

It is a longstanding debate among parents whether to enroll their kid to a public school or private school. Both have its perks and pitfalls. However, there are vital questions that must be considered and answered prior to making a decision. It isn’t just about entrusting the education of your child to these schools in a way that will prepare them for the future. It is vital to be mindful whether it is worth paying for private schools as per the benefits they claim to offer.

Scrutinizing Public and Private Schools

In this matter, let us first talk about public schools. These educational institutions are alive because of the taxes paid by citizens of the state. Private schools as stated are private and cost an average of 10,000 dollars annually. The cost can vary from 5,000 to 25,000 dollars as per the report from NCES or National Center for Education Statistics.

This is basically where public schools outshine private schools. The percent of new teachers with less than 4 years experience in teaching is significantly higher in private schools which are at 16 percent in comparison to public schools that stands at 11 percent.

This is primarily brought by the better benefits and higher salary packages offered by public schools.

Apart from that, there is a higher percentage of teachers that have a Master’s Degree in public schools. They are actually 12 percent higher than private schools. In addition to that, a lot of public schools teachers are taking part in some sort of professional development per year compared to teachers employed in private schools.

Focused Learning

Due to the reason that private schools aren’t following state supervision, they have the power to offer curriculums that are aligned to their focus. Therefore, if your children like studying theater, arts, alternative music or any other subject, then enrolling them to a private school would be a better fit.

Once high school is reached, the majority of the private schools are centered on preparing students for college. This is by offering wider array of advanced programs, gifted studies classes, and International Baccalaureate programs. Not only that, there’s a tendency to offer various extracurricular activities that expose pupils to the real world.