Printer For Home, School And Office Use – Advantages And Disadvantages

Computer printers, such as those by John, are a usual equipment seen in many homes, offices, and of course the school. Printers could be bought separately or are bundled with a computer set. As computer printers are always being improved and upgraded, they are available in different brands with models and features.

Advantages of Owning A Printer

Although many homes, offices, business, and schools are making an effort to go paperless as an initiative to save and protect the environment, owning a printer or having one in the office has its advantages. Here are some:

  • CONVENIENCE. This is the major advantage of having access to a printer. When you have a printer whether at home or in the office, you could conveniently print out the documents you require which would save you both time and money as you don’t have to travel to a print shop and pay a certain amount to have your documents printed. This is also a way for you to manage paperwork and documents by making hard copies to serve as backups or likewise by printing documents have to be mailed.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTION. Most printers today are multipurpose. Apart from simply printing out papers and photos, a lot of printers today could also serve as a copier, scanner, and send fax. With these features built into a single device, it replaces the other machines which lessens clutter, the cost of buying those other devices, as well as streamline the office.

Disadvantages of Printers

Although they are useful, there are certain disadvantages to owning a printer as well. Below are some:

  • LONG-TERM COST. While there are affordable printers, you will still have to spend money for ink replacement, toner, and paper. These could be quite expensive especially if you would want to have quality paper, ink or toner to have quality print outs. Moreover, printers need occasional upkeep or repairs which could add up to the long-term cost.
  • ENCOURAGES WASTE. Printers encourages waste. Users are most likely to make hard copies of documents, articles, papers, or files that they can access and simply read online or from their computer. Excessive and unnecessary printing consumes electricity, paper, and ink which, as mentioned, could contribute to a considerable cost over time.