The Challenges Our Education System Faces During These Uncertain Times?

The year 2020 will be the time in history when most schools around the world have closed its doors.

Little time was given to the Education Community to adapt and adjust to this new scenario. The quickness of the sudden transition in our way of education may post negative effects. Especially to the academic performance and standing of a child. The crisis we are experiencing around our planet brought about many challenges. This is so true in our educational system. Here are some of the challenges the Education Community may be facing:

COVID-19 outbreak’s impact on education institutions around world

  • Distance Learning supports teaching methods that we are aware won’t work well. Many schools around the world have adapted to the distance learning approach. This applies to sending modules to students or online schooling. It poses risks to the welfare of every child. Distance learning may be too dull. It can affect a child’s physical, mental and social growth. There is no physical interaction between classmates and the teachers. For some experts, the worst kind of learning is the passive learning. This is when a child just sits down and listen without any interactions. This is the projected form of learning seen when these approaches are implemented. The most affected here are the students who are slow to cope.
  • Mentors will be too overpowered and uncertain to perform their jobs well. For most educators they had little time to adjust to all these changes. They had little to no training on how to carry out their jobs. This poses a challenge for all them.
  • Child protection and Safety will be too hard to check and safeguard. In some countries there is a process to follow in checking a child’s welfare during and after school. They can assess for child abuse and child neglect when at school. The problem posed is that when we shift to online learning we can’t guarantee a child’s safety. It will be difficult to watch for signs of abuse when one cannot physically see his/her student.
  • Not all students have access to the Internet and to the necessary devices needed for online Learning. One of the greatest gift we can our children is a good and quality education. For more perfect gift ideas, we can give our 15-year-old sons please click on this link:
During this time of uncertainty. Parents focus on their child’s health and safety. For now parents explain to their children that all the things happening is temporary. They need to assure their children that they will be in school once again in no time. They should make them think that one day when all this is over they can be with their best friend again. And that their favorite teacher will still be there to teach them.