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Technology Issues In School Threaten The Students’ Learning

For one, the rise of technology is seen by many people as the solution to improve the quality of learning of the students in school. After all, many teachers now incorporate technology in their student’s learning experience. Educational technology is said to encourage the students to do their best, since this generation is very much active in digital technology.

With technology, learning inside the classrooms can be more interactive than the usual teacher-to-students interaction. The teachers can also easily update the learning resources for the students with the use of technology. For example, teachers can post surveys, polls, case studies, and even lecture videos online.

The Downside Of Technology Inside Schools

While incorporating technology in the student’s learning experience has a lot of advatages, experts have already begun realizing its downside. Unfortunately, the negative effects of technology on the students can be really serious, to the point where they might end up being expelled. For one, students can be distracted by the other things that technology can offer aside from learning. Student may opt to use their gadgets to access their social media accounts and play online games instead of opening their reading resources. A research study reveals that those students who try to do other stuff on their laptops while the discussion inside the class is ongoing tend to receive a lower grade on their exams.