Knowing the Difference Between Water Filter and Water Purifier

Water is an essential part of our every day lives. We use it everywhere and every time when we are cooking, eating, taking a bath, cleaning the house, bathing our dogs, to name a few. Basically, water is life for us. We cannot even survive without water. Since we often use and drink water, it is important to keep it clean all the time, especially drinking water. Otherwise, it will cause harm to millions of people.

Good thing is that the government is doing the best that they can to produce clean water for everyone. However, even though they are saying this, we should still do our job of ensuring that what we are intaking is clean and is free from harsh chemicals.

In most households, what they are doing is they are installing an under sink water filter tested by Atomkeep. In this way, water will pass through the filter to eliminate harmful chemicals and add minerals before it reaches the faucet. You can now either use the water to clean or to drink. Aside from under sink water filter, we are here to help you understand other forms of water filtration, namely water purifying.

As for the water filter, just like mentioned earlier, it is used to prevent contaminants from reaching the water. The most popular type of water filter available in the market is the whole house water filter. It works by pre-filtering all the unnecessary dirt from the water. After this, will go to another filtration system to add healthy minerals and get rid of the toxic chemical. After this, the last filtration stage that will remove the last remains of microorganism and other chemicals.

Now for the drinking water filters, there are a lot of possible choices. This is where the under sink water filter will enter. Aside from the under sink water filter, you can choose to mix ions and carbons when clearing your water. This way, you have an assurance is really safe to drink by all the occupants and even guests, regardless of age. However, you have to make sure of the type of filter to use because there are some cases when the filter will even remove the healthy minerals and other components.